Note: (Instrumental with Vocal Mixing start at $200 & Up)  Mastering may be included when Mixing with us. (Please call and speak with a Staff Engineer before or after uploading into our database, so your music can be heard for a Mixing or Mastering consultation.)

Session Delivery Instructions (Mixing or Mastering)

What we need from you:

[File Preparation]

  • Wav, AIFF preferred, mp3’s if it’s the only file you have available

  • Remember better the quality of the files sent the better your Mix/Master

  • For stem mix & mastering, (Non ProTools) send in single wav or aiff tracks

  • We accept Pro-Tools sessions as preferred and/or all DAW Software

  • For Stereo Mastering, we need a single master export at -6.6 db

  • Do not max out the volume of each track – around -6dB is acceptable

  • Please send large packages via file sharing site WeTransfer, etc. and/or Email

  • Make sure everything is in one folder & sent as 1 compressed file when uploading.

Every song will be delivered within the specified time

  • In wave format, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit

  • + MP3 format, 320 kbps

  • We include Explicit, Clean, Explicit Acappella, Clean Acappella, Performace, Instrumental & Etc.